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5000 Role Models of Excellence
The 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project is a dropout prevention, mentoring program committed to closing the minority male achievement (access) gap by guiding minority male students along a carefully charted path through grades K-12 and college or ensuring the attainment of other post-secondary credentials, and increasing their employability in higher wage, high skills jobs within high demand industries.


Big Brother Big Sisters
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami’s (BBBSM) core one-to-one mentoring programs are designed to create and develop a strong relationship between a child/teen and a mentor. Professional staff carefully match each youth participant (Little) with an adult, volunteer mentor (Big) for a mentoring relationship intended to be long-lasting, engaging, and effective in developing the Little’s potential. All relationships are professionally supported by BBBSM staff to ensure relationships are sustained over time with productive results. Programs in the core one-to-one mentoring category include community-based mentoring, site-based mentoring, and School to Work.

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Coach's Closet
Coach’s Closet strives to develop relationships between individuals, community groups, and business entities to provide shoes, clothing and other tangible resources to those in need.

Instagram- @mr_two3

Facebook- @Coach’sCloset


Generational Cure
A priority of ours is servicing the community in which we're apart of. The objective stems from our mission: Uproot the inherited issues of our older generations to cure the prolonged problems in today's youth.

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Girls of Transformation Mentoring Program, Inc.
Serves girls between the ages 8-18 who are exhibiting at risk behaviors that could take a negative effect on their lives. At GOT, we have a passion and drive to introduce young girls to Christian values in a way they can understand and digest, so they can walk passionately and boldly in who God has created them to be.


Kingdom Keys Mentoring Program
A teen non-profit organization here to bring value to teens by providing exceptional mentorship, life skills & mental health workshops, and entrepreneurship courses.

DCS Mentoring Program

DCS Mentoring Program mentors young men between the ages of 7-17 years old. We have 2/15 week Sessions per calendar year. Please call (305) 342-5864 for further information

Education, Career Training, Tutoring & Scholarships
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