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About Us


One Community Alliance Network's (1CAN) mission is to serve, educate, promote and advocate for strong, safe communities and to build unlikely community alliances and partnerships. We leverage community funds and resources for maximized impact with a philosophy of "The sum is greater than its parts".


We identify gaps in services and and to conceptualize, develop and execute solutions to meet unmet needs in underserved communities. We connect residents to resources, promote civic engagement and community pride, and advocate for clean, safe and economically strong communities.


1CAN aspires to be the "Google" for community resources, a trusted source of information and the catalyst for collaborative community projects.

Our goal is to lessen barriers to resources & information. 1CAN opens the door to accessible, valuable resources, support & information for all residences and especially those with limited internet search and varying reading abilities via our easy to navigate website, with helpful graphic cues, videos links designed for residents of all ages and demographics, primarily targeting Black/African American and Hispanic/Latino communities. serves as a virtual bridge, a quasi "Amazon" of community resources and information.  Our new, innovative website is chocked full of visual aides, links, icons, photos and videos to maximize comprehension with easy computer and mobile navigation. 

Instead of countless hours and Google searches, residents can find and connect with community resources, assistance programs, small businesses, support groups, civic organizations, events & activities, workshops and more.  We also offer a free virtual space for local entrepreneurs to help residents support local businesses and shop local.

1CAN supports and promotes local small businesses via our website.  We also promote non-profits that lack the capability and/or resources by providing a free listing on our website and promotion on our social media platforms so that residents can find and patronize their businesses or access their services. 

We collaborate with local Watch groups on community beautification projects and utilize our platforms to support their capacity building efforts. 

Some communities with underserved populations, some with limited language and/or technology skills frequently experience barriers to finding and/or accessing community resources.  Our social media platforms, website, e-newsletters and e-blasts are our vehicles for informing residents of resources as well as awareness campaigns such as human trafficking, breast cancer, voter education & registration, disaster preparation and the real-life implications of new and proposed legislation and promotion of non-profits, small businesses and community announcements & services.     

Our Arbor Day Seniors' Beautification Project 2022 is an example of our conceptualizing, project management, alliance building & funds leveraging capabilities. Six elderly homeowners, lacking the ability to address safety issues and the general exterior upkeep of their properties benefited as well as their neighborhood.

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